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Stanton 315 Sofa| Loveseat| Chair

Stanton 315 Sofa| Loveseat| Chair

Your Price: P: (206)575.3288
Part Number:315XX

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Sofa Options
Loveseat [+P: (206)-40.000]
Chair [+P: (206)-150.0000]
Portfolio Moss Willa Black Pandora Indigo

Want to customize the configuration of your Stanton Sofa or sectional sofa?

* Sleeper upgrade is available on most of the models and their configurations, memory form mattress is available now.
* Pillow fabric in one tone front and back?
* Additional Pillows?
*.Customize configuration for a sofa or sectional?
* Need more Fabric choices?

For special orders please contact the store at 206-575-3288

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