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Solid Wood Care - Intercon Furniture Product Special Edition

Posted by Administrator on 1/23/2011 to Furniture Care and Cleaning

Since no two trees are exactly alike, and no two pieces of wood are the same, natural color and grain variations in wood products are normal.   Wood texture and grain do affect the finish, so it is impossible to guarantee an exact match in finish between two pieces of furniture even though the identical finishing processes are applied.  These natural characteristics give Intercon’s handcrafted,solid wood furniture its own unique quality.

The wood we use in our manufacturing process is kiln dried to achieve ideal moisture content.  For our solid oak furniture, the ideal moisture content is between 6%-8%. Since most solid woods are open grained and highly textured, the solid wood furniture will breathe—expand and contract—with normal temperature and humidity changes.

This movement is normal and will not affect the structural strength or beauty of the furniture.   With tables, you may even notice a minor gap in the center of the table or at the ends where the top halves and filler leaves meet.  The extent of the gapping may vary as humidity conditions change.   This is a natural characteristic of solid wood. However, excessive or varying humidity levels in the home are the enemy of any solid wood furniture.   To minimize nature’s negative effects, we recommend that you maintain a 25%-40% humidity level in your home throughout the year.


To help ensure your Intercon solid wood product
lasts a lifetime, some Intercon tables are finished
with a super varnish—a high quality coating that
offers remarkable resistance to marring, abrasion,
alcohol, many ordinary household liquids, and
other substances. For a list of items with this
finish, please contact your sales representative or
Intercon customer service.

To help ensure your Intercon solid wood product lasts a lifetime, some Intercon tables are finished with a super varnish—a high quality coating that offers remarkable resistance to marring, abrasion, alcohol, many ordinary household liquids, and other substances. For a list of items with this finish, please contact your sales representative or Intercon customer service.

Recommended Care

Although Intercon products come finished with some of the toughest finishes you can have on your furniture, routine measures should still be taken to enhance the effectiveness of the finish and the beauty of the furniture.
All of the furniture should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Make sure that the surface is not subjected to an over abundance of water.  We recommend any reputable name brand furniture polish to help prevent the wood from drying out.  The polish provides a protective layer that not only enhances the beauty of the finish, but it can also help prevent surface checks caused by dry conditions. Follow the application instructions on the polish label.